MRF Awards Partnership for Children Grant

Statement of Purpose: The Rotary Club of Missoula Sunrise takes children form the Missoula Youth Homes and other similar programs for a sky trip to allow them to experience normalcy in their lives. The Missoula Rotary Foundation provided a matching grant to allow them to expand the number of children it could allow to participate.

Description of Project: (use additional sheets as necessary to fully describe the club project or
program for which funding is requested)
Amount of Funding Requested: $1,250
Date on Which Grant Funding Required: February 1st – 15th. Ski trip is in
February or early March.
Name of Club Requesting Grant: Rotary Club of Missoula Sunrise
Name of Club Contact: Cale Mages/Paul Sepp
Address of Club Contact: PO Box 5755, Missoula, MT 59806
E-mail Address of Club Contact:
Best Phone Number of Club Contact: 785-241-0608

Name of Project: Annual ski trip to Discovery with Partnership for Children kids.
Description of Project: Our club takes approximately 10 kids from two of the Missoula Youth
homes to Discovery Ski area for the day. We provide gear rental, followed by a one hour lesson,
then a day of skiing with volunteer Rotarians. We also treat them to lunch in the lodge.

Purpose: The purpose of this trip is to get the kids out of the homes, provide an opportunity to
participate in an activity that they would most likely never get to do, and allow them to spend
time with adults who care about them and have their best interest at heart.
Project Goals: The goal of this project is to challenge the kids and help them see that they can
accomplish more than they can imagine with a little effort in a safe, supportive environment
with adults who care.
Total Project Cost: The budget for this event is $2,500. This includes rental of ski gear, lessons
and lunch. The Sunrise Club is requesting a $1,250 grant from the MRF to match funds that have
been budgeted for this event. Any grant for less than that amount (shortfall not granted) will be
raised or moved around within the budget.
Impact: The impact of this project is immeasurable. We have seen firsthand the positive and
long-lasting effects of what one “simple” day of skiing can do for these young people’s lives.
Whether it sparks a new passion, creates a lifelong memory or allows them to forget their
troubles for a brief time, this type of experience is critical to helping the kids heal and become
healthy, contributing members of our community.

Acceptance Certificate:
The above grant request has been approved by action of the Missoula Rotary Foundation (MRF) Grants
Committee under authority granted it by the Foundation’s Board of Directors in the amount and with the
conditions and limitations set forth below:
Amount: $1,250.00

Conditions and Limitations:
This grant is approved to pay for (1) equipment rental, (2) lift tickets, and (3) group ski lessons
for up to 12 children from the Missoula Youth Homes, Partnership for Children or any similar
program or facility, not to exceed $1,250.00 The MRF will deliver to Sunrise Rotary a check
payable to Discovery Basin Ski Area in the final amount (to be determined) at such time as
Sunrise Rotary advises the MRF of the actual cost of the above items for all children attending.
By acceptance of the funds hereby granted the Grantee hereby agrees to provide the Missoula
Rotary Foundation a complete accounting of the use and disbursement of the funds hereby
granted within ninety (90) days of the end of the Rotary Year (June 30 of each year) for each
year in which the grant anticipates utilizing such funds. A final report shall be sent to the
foundation within ninety (90) of the final use of the grant funds.

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