MRF Awards Missoula Fencing Association Grant

Statement of Purpose: Missoula Centennial Rotary Club supports youth activities. The Missoula Rotary Foundation provided the club with a grant for $750.00 to allow the Missoula Fencing Association to provide scholarships to Missoula young people who could not otherwise participate in the sport of fencing. Description of Project:Missoula Fencing Association1134 Longstaff St.Missoula, MT 59801(406)

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MRF Award Scholarship Grants

Statement of Purpose: The Rotary Club of Missoula provides two or three scholarships annually to graduating seniors from Missoula area High Schools.  The Missoula Rotary Foundation assists them by providing a match to increase the size of the scholarships. The Missoula Rotary Foundation (MRF) receives grant applications from Rotary Club in the Missoula area and

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